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Hi all, I have ZoneFlex 7352. I connected to cisco router, then my zoneflex is not working. But I can connect that to my pc (ethernet). Need Help!, thankyou

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IP addresses of the devices in different subnets? Cisco router security features...

Need to be clear and give more info.
Connecting what to what works?
What IPs did you use, ZF7352 default?
Have you configured ZF to pick up IP from router for instance?

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IP: (not connect to network)

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You ought to be able to define the same SSID as used on your Cisco wifi router, on a Ruckus standalone mode AP. 

How is your Ruckus AP configured, under Configuration::Internet?

If you leave the Management VLAN as VLAN 1, you will be on whatever subnet is advertised
by the Cisco router.  We recommend to assign a static IP address (ie your, with
the Cisco router IP address as the IPv4 default gateway.  Start there.  With a static IP assigned
to the Ruckus AP (and use an IP outside of the Cisco DHCP scope), is your laptop able to ping
the AP?

Assuming you can access the AP with a static IP address, you would define your SSID under
the Configuration::Radio 2.4G or Radio5G, and under the SSID tab, use the Packet Forward
method of "Bridge to WAN".  Clients who successfully authenticate by your specified WPA
PSK or other, will then get their DHCP requests dropped onto the Ethernet, where they should
be answered by your Cisco DHCP server.

Your Configuration::Ethernet Ports, should both also be specified with "Bridge to WAN" on
untagged VLAN 1.

If you can connect your Mac Mini into an extra LAN port of the Cisco router, do you get an
IP from it's DHCP server?  Can you ping the Ruckus AP?

If you connect your Mac Mini into the second LAN port of the 7352 AP, do you get an IP from
the Cisco router?  Can you ping the Ruckus AP?  Can you ping the Cisco router?  Can you ping  (to test DNS)

This troubleshooting will help to narrow down the area(s) needing further investigation.