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7372 AP Standalone, devices cannot talk to each other

New Contributor
I have 7 devices including a chromecast which is my main issue. They all share a single 7372 AP. The problem that I have is any device on the AP cannot ping each other.My main issue is that my laptop or tablets cannot talk to my chromecast due to the AP. I brought the Ruckus because of living in a heavily congested 2.4 area, and as advertised, it does what it says on the tin and works really well, other than the fact that now I cant talk to the other devices which defeats the purpose of the device for me.  My software version is and I am not running in isolation mode. I have turned off the 5 GHz radio and my port mode is bridge to WAN. Any ideas?

Esteemed Contributor II
We don't have full client isolation on standalone APs, which is only available with a ZoneDirector,
but you can use these commands to insure that you have not disabled the BSS relay that permits
clients associated to the same WLAN to intercommunicate. 

Depending on which/how many WLANs you define, try enabling ap-bridge mode with disabled
directed-multicast (our proprietary broadcast to unicast feature).  For example, if you use an SSID
on both bands of your AP:

set ap-bridge wlan0 enable
set qos wlan0 directed multicast disable

set ap-bridge wlan9 enable
set qos wlan9 directed multicast disable

I look forward to hearing your results.  Hopefully disabling directed multicast helps the Chrome.
Good luck and best regards.

New Contributor
Michael you are a star, that works perfectly, I can now ping and connect to my Chromecast with all my devices. Thank you for your help

With your validation, this topic is now KBA-4099 in our KB (knowledge base), thanks.

With your validation, this topic is now KBA-4099 in our KB (knowledge base), thanks.