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wifi call on ZD1200


Hi all,

We are using a ZD1200 with firmware but I don't see an option to enable wifi calling. When will this feature be supported? 

(It's already present on unleashed and I believe smartzone?)



New Contributor

Us too.  Anyone have info? 


Hi all, firmware build 254 just came out. Still no wifi-call support. Any plans to support this on the ZD1200? Thanks!

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No one wants to answer this question on wifi calling profiles on a ZD1200.  We are ready to abandon the ZD as they keep failing at a alarming rate.  You are probably better off with UNL and a dedicated AP as a master controller with WIFI disabled.  APs rarely fail.

RUCKUS Team Member

Hello sander_groen

I hope you're well.
In regards to your question related to wifi calling, this is a process that happens beyond the control of the AP or the ZD. Nor does the ZD or the AP take part in this feature as this is treated as regular traffic.
New controllers such as SmartZone or Cloud, offer wifi calling traffic recognition and they apply QoS settings to this traffic, but they still do not interfere with the wifi calling process.

I recommend you verify network connectivity towards the carrier's ePDG, as the wifi calling communication relies on the connectivity between the client and the gateway.

Please let me know if you had any questions.
With regards,

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Orlando Elias | Technical Support Engineer

With regards,
Orlando Elias
Technical Support