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roaming issue

New Contributor
HI All,  we have 3 ruckus ZD1106 WLC , There are 3 wireless controller, when user connected on one SSID and move from one building to another then automatically disconnected from same SSID After disconnecting from SSID , they have to delete wireless profile from system and after configuring on system it work.

Contributor III
I am assuming that the issue is that the controllers are not linked to each other:


10 AP's on controller 1 for building 1 and then say 20 AP's on the other controller in buillding 2.

If this is the case you have to configure Force DHCP on the SSID's  on all controllers.

This is due to teh fact that the 802.11r function only works with AP's on the same network i.e. the same controller.

Juts think AP01 is on ZD1 and APO2 is on ZD02. AP01 cannot advertise to AP02 that a client has joined as its not aware of AP02 and vice versa, so the only way to get the client to roam is by forcing the client to take a new IP address, as the client will not make a DHCP request until its lease runs out.

Good Luck