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Can ZD1200 block VPN access like Psiphon ?

Currently we have situation where captive portal can be bypassed  if the client uses VPN connection like Psiphon. Also understand that network access is not given until the user has authenticated thru captive portal. However some user are still detec...

Ruckus REJECTS proper Support

Ruckus REJECTS us to install the Firmware version that was released while under active support.Ruckus further REJECTS to give us the link to their own Terms of Service agreement.Dear Ruckus -- can you kindly explain why your support team (talked to t...

Upgrade ZD1200 with F/W versión

Hi everybody!, I have a wireless controller ZD1200 model with F/W and APs T300 series, my question is: what is the recommended version to upgrade it? And what is the procedure to goal this? Thanks in advanced! Nice day,

Inconsistent device fingerprinting?

When I look at my list of clients most of my Windows machines are tagged as Windows Mobile and a few as Windows 10. Similarly most of IOS devices are listed just as iPhone and a few are more accurately shown. Is there anyway to get it to be more accu...

SNMP mib configs and SNMP query strings

Hi, When i have a range of  AP's on a zone director 1200 ,the zone director flashes the firmware, to match the ZD. So Which set of SNMP files do i use for the setup, to query the  individual AP's do they fall under the Zone directors, SNMP  MIB fil...