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Upgrade path from Zonedirector to SmartZone

Is there any upgrade path to go from a Zonedirector to a SmartZone? Any way we can export our AP groups and WLAN groups and get them into a SmartZone 100?We're looking at upgrading but re-provisioning all our AP's from scratch would be painful to say...

lost contact with ap

yeah as the title says, you can see the picture below. After i recived the message , aps are refusing to connect with the zonedirector  

How to have one WLAN go to multiple VLANs?

How do I allow one WLAN to support multiple VLANs? I want to use one SSID that staff connect to and depending on the policy they are granted access with under NPS I want them to get a different VLAN/subnet.I have enabled dynamic vlan. Is this possibl...

rhs_it by New Contributor
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Changing DPSK character length deleted all our previous DPSKs

We just had a mini-crisis working with the DPSK settings. To make it easier for our mobile users who have to manually enter a generated DPSK, we changed the number of characters required for the Dynamic PSK passphrase from 12 to 8. This ~immediately~...

ken_yeh by New Contributor III
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