With simplicity and ease of use in mind, the RUCKUS ZoneDirector is purpose-built to address the gap between standalone, feature-deficient access points (APs) that must be individually managed and the costly, complex high-end enterprise systems that are overkill for most small business environments.
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Android OS can not connect SSID

hello,I have one is working with Hotspot Service (;WISPr). there is no authentication and encyrption. we use dpsk for hotspot service.  I can connect this SSID with Windows PC but Ican not connect this SSID with Android phones. What can cause...

Missing Dpsk's when smart redundancy fails and comes up.

Hello Everyone,we have two ZD's in different locations and in different subnets  one is /22 other is /23 and we have one management ip,two zd ips .Management ip and primary zd ip are in same subnet of /22 and sec ip /23.From 2 to 3 days onwards we ar...

Active Directory thru ZD Captive Portal vs 802.1x

I'm trying to setup a WLAN for a customer where its employees can connect to the WLAN and authenticate using their Active Directory account. Is it better if I use 802.1x (FreeRADIUS) or just use ZD's built in Captive Portal (Web Authentication)? What...

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