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Using ZD1100 as a backup for ZD1200

New Contributor
Hello there!
I have 2 controllers in the same project and i want to use one of them as an automatic backup if the first one fail. The main controller is ZD1200 and the backup would be the ZD1100.
Is it possible at all? And if so, how it should be done?
Thanks in advance,

Contributor II
All true, I forgot to add that not only do you have to have the AP support license you have to have all your APs supported across all the controllers as well so controller version should be the same.  That being said the 1100 will only go so high and the 1200 can only go so low.  I believe that 9.9 is the first overlap between the two model.  ZD1100 will only go as high as 9.10, so you have to work within those two firmware version if you want to do this between a ZD1100 and ZD1200.

Thanks for keeping me honest guys.