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Ruckus setup with VLANs ZD1200

New Contributor III
I just got a new Ruckus ZD1200 and some r610 APs. 

I am trying to set it up like this

port 1 has ip that is for management only

port 2 is trunk for guest vlan and corp vlan

I don't see anyway to do this. Is this not possible? I don't want the ZD to have an IP on the guest or corp vlan.

Thank you

Contributor III
exactly. There is no other specific configuration needed for the user traffic to be tagged. Also, by default, the zone director is NOT tunneling traffic from the AP to the controller, so unless you specifically enable tunneling, the traffic is actually "locally broken out"  at the AP level, so you need to have the APs on "untagged vlan 10 / tagged vlan 2,3,5" 

If you enable tunneling, then the vlan breakout will be done at the ZD level as you describe, but no additional configuration on the ZD is needed other than enabling tunneling.

New Contributor III
Where can I find some configuration examples? I'm having a lot of issues getting stuff to work. When I have the ports for the ZD1200 and my AP on the Cisco switch set to Trunk vlan 2,3,5,10 and native vlan 10. The ZD and the AP are accessable when the configuration on both are set to Access VLAN1 on the ruckus but if I  change those to 10 it no longer can connect.

I also have the ZD set to auto allow new AP's and it sees the new AP but won't let me edit it and says "This Access Point is not yet approved and connected. Click "Allow" action (if present) and wait for the AP to complete connection."

I get this in the errors "2018/07/05  15:16:43MediumModel[r610] is not supported; connection request from AP[xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx] refused
So I'm a little lost.

Thank you all for the help

New Contributor II
I guess, they have answered this already, but I am sending you a visualization of the physical setup. Hope it helps 🙂Image_ images_messages_5f91c444135b77e2479f8217_b183e356b7f35c129502d3afa52c3694_RackMultipart20180708296801v3q-6eac6a20-a514-4e5f-9e48-b6d044cfac66-797455317.jpg1531015632

Also, the IP Addresses of the ZD and the APs could either be assigned statically, or dynamically based on your preference.