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Unauthorized status in Zone director

New Contributor II
Having an issue where a WiFi users connect to the Ruckus AP R700 and its labeling them as Unauthorized status in Zone director ZD3050. Even though they are using the correct password, and I can see them pull an IP across our DHCP server. For some reason its not authenticating them and will not allow them access to the network.

New Contributor
check the block list ?

Richard, Nothing is being blocked or restricted in any way shape or form.

New Contributor III
Hi Joe,

May I know the configuration of the SSID. I am assuming its a Hotspot SSID. If yes, is it Internal or external page. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Vivek Gupta


It is not running the hotspot service, this is on a our internal local network running on multiple VLANS for each guest SSID. I do not believe its a configuration issue as this config is being used for 12 other R700 AP's through out or company. this issue is isolated to just 2 AP's that are producing this Unauthorized status.

I have also wiped these AP's and reloaded the config.Image_ images_messages_5f91c478135b77e247aa949d_3b6b90a9863b13d445278b7be7ebfe11_RackMultipart20180711494441mr8-df4e49b7-0ce9-4898-8da6-f55b42527e2c-217758745.PNG1531335031