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R500 not compatible with ac-7260

New Contributor II
Just installed zd1100 and r500s, worked ok when eventually got hold of relevant firmware. (new customer) Having problems connecting tosh with intel ac7260. Seems problem is to do with channelfly and .h messages. Works if select one channel as this disable channelfly. (tried on standalone unit). Been asked to manually set channel in ZD as test but need to check interference. Other option to set run stop time. Running build 101 and have downloaded build 108 but not sure if it includes any fix. First ruckus install so not overly happy.

New Contributor III
Hello Trevor,

Which version are you talking about?

Could you please elaborate a little bit more your tests and your results?

Esteemed Contributor II
Initial 9.8.0 GA release for R500/R700 had issue ZF-7357: Not using 2-stream rate with Intel 7260 2x2 11ac NICs.

Firmware builds have the fix to improve performance for these clients.

Next 9.8 MR2 release is expected in Nov14. Not sure if 5G background scanning
will be enabled or disabled by default. If not enabled, running ChannelFly for a
period of time will allow your APs to decide on other than channel 149. Stopping
it after a period of running, was recommended to prevent problems in .106/.108
interim builds.

New Contributor III
Just disable channel fly and only use background scanning. Or just let channelfly run during the night when there are no clients (for about 6 hours) make sure to reboot all access point before you leave, you can configure this under radio group options and services. Also what version are u using? Is the client firmware supporting 202.11h channel change announcements.

New Contributor II
Newbie to Ruckus I believe disable command is via the command line
but I do not know the syntax, can you help.
ZD is
Intel say they support 802.11h
running latest intel s/w.