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Batch-Generation of Dynamic PSKs not possible.

New Contributor III
Hi everyone,

we have configured a new SSID especially for Smartphones. Users who want to connect to this WLAN need to connect to our guest-SSID and go through the ZeroIT-Provisionning-Proccess.

Now we want that only AD-Users, which are in the appropriate AD-Group can connect via ZeroIT. So we have configured the AAA-Server and the AD-Group and everything works fine. Also we have removed the SSID from default role, since otherwise everyone could connect to the SSID.

Now my problem is that I sometimes need to create a Dynamic PSK for the SSID manually. As I could see, I cannot do this as soon as I remove the SSID from default role.

Is this a bug or a design thing? Has anyone an Idea how I could handle this?

Best regards,

New Contributor III
No one any ideas?