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Internet slowness even when AP's are got connected?

New Contributor II
Hi all,is there anyway to increase the signal strength of user machine to speedup the internet for him ,is there any settings in AP's /ZD,if there help us with solution.Thanks in advance.

Valued Contributor II
several doable options:

if nearest AP's transmit power is set to auto then increase it to full and check..
If AP is dual band and user laptop is running single band or 802.11n based chip. better upgrade to 802.11ac

if above is NOT doable then below is for consideration too...

Take the user next to the AP
Take the AP next to the user
Put a new AP next to the user

Contributor III
What is the current signal strength that the client receives? SNR is the key to speedy connection rather than just signal strength. If you are using 2.4GHz and signal strength is acceptable level you may need to check for interference.

If you are using 5GHz network and are in a reigon that allows for TPC within the DFS channels then you could look at changing the channel to one which allows a higher EIRP under regulation and set the power to full. However, you need to check the devices supported by this AP support those channels and also check the max TX power of the client adaptor too.

Valued Contributor
Very good suggestions but I'd also like to state/ask the obvious (because I'm that type of guy).

What is your internet connection rated at?
Doesn't matter if your clients connect at 300Mbs to AP if your incoming internet is only 10Mbs.