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Ping between 2 different subnets of ZD"s is not happening why?

New Contributor II
Hello Everyone,we have two ZD's in different locations and in different subnets  one is /22 other is /23 and we have one management ip,two zd ips .Management ip and primary zd ip are in same subnet of /22 and sec ip /23,from last one week onwards we are able to ping that sec ip of zd /23 but we are not able to ping now,and we are able to reach all ips of subnet /23  except that sec zd ip,and we tried with other subnet /24 and from global vpn also it is pinging and we have activated smart redundancy  when we placed second zd in other location which is also not working it is showing Active/Disconnected..Can someone help us with solution.Thanks in advance.

Valued Contributor
The default gateway given to the devices, does that gateway know how to reach the other network ?
As you describe above, it currently does not.

Kind regards

New Contributor II
Hi Martin,we have given static route then for one week it communicated later it is not able to ping only that particulat sec zd ip remaining all are pinging,and we checked the zd no where in any setting it is blocked and when we diasbled the management ip then smart redundancy came up,the reason behind it is we dont know.
Thank you very much martin for the reply and expecting the reply from you.
Thankyou very much.