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How do you remove an AP from Currently Managed AP's

New Contributor III
In my list of currently managed AP's - we have about 4 AP's that have not contacted the Zone Director in about 2 years.

I assume they are lost ./ broken or stolen.

I would like to remove them from the Dashboard the Delete button on the configuration page is greyed out?

Is there a way to remove the entries?

Go to Configure - AccessPoints. Press the "Show More" button if not all APs are shown.
Now use the checkboxes of the APs that you want to remove, and press the "Delete" button. This button is greyed out until you have selected some APs.

Valued Contributor II
this is weird. ZD shall let you remove the AP from GUI. Please try a different browser like Firefox or chrome to be sure that it is not a cosmetic issue.

Is delete button for connected AP too greyed out?
Did you tick the AP who want to have deleted?

Valued Contributor
Jelle answered correctly.
To avoid any confusion here's a screenshot.

In ZD gui got to:

Access Points

presented with list of APs tick the one to remove.
UNTIL you tick the box on left the delete button will remain greyed out.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c409135b77e247929ee5_2cdc0467ebf58310104cfeb1ef9994ee_deleteAP_inline-16fb15c9-3f21-4dbc-84a8-32318fcc1226-1038206030.jpg1396255495