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Best practice for a captive portal without a password?

New Contributor
What's the best practice for setting up a captive portal login page without password? I'm already using the guestpass generating features so can't simultaneously set up a guest login page without authentication using the 'out of the box features' .

So I'm setting up hotspot services to redirect to a page where users can simply tick 'I accept the T&Cs' and be on their way (The reason for this is the different SSIDs can get to different network resources).

I can make a login page that simply uses a limited user's credentials to login but this feels wrong - surely there must be a better way to do this?


Thanks for the code Alex. I've blatantly copied it and used it myself 🙂 I do have a problem with being kicked off the network after some unknown time and having to press the "I agree" button again - that despite setting the "disconnect after" options to a large number...

New Contributor II
Anyone achieve this using ajax ?
the respond from the controller is html

New Contributor III
Hi guys,

I'm looking for this but for Unleashed series. Does this script works as well with Unleashed?

UAP is same as ZD.

New Contributor II
Is there an example showing all the related params needed todo this on SZ? There are alot of params that need to be taken from the URL and passed to the controller and I'm having hard time getting this to work.