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Access via MAC

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How do I enable MAC access from a device on a given antenna connects to the ZD?

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Are you asking:
how to allow a client to connect to ZD using MAC address?

If so then create an ACL (access control list) with the MACs.
Then apply that ACL to a WLAN
Image_ images_messages_5f91c438135b77e2479c76cb_043f21b2f630028c29a3cd36b0af90df_RackMultipart2017100911640510m-98af1311-3d16-427f-b0e7-1f003f99ca04-1357777561.jpg1507560968

Image_ images_messages_5f91c438135b77e2479c76cb_c7a431828eb6e7036b5062613afa7969_RackMultipart201710091173455bu-a750ca28-dc7a-4a9c-b277-0d828ee0f9aa-936785458.jpg1507560999

If I have misunderstood your meaning then apologies.


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EscreThanks for listening. That's what I was looking for.
There are 04 antennas installed, do you have any way to separate the clients to access by certain antenna?

Client 01 and Client02 on antenna 01
Client 03 and Client 04 on antenna 02va uma resposta

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Yes you can do this and when set up will work but it is another level of complication. If you really need to have specific clients connect to specific APs (antennas) will provide screenshots in morning when I get back in to work.


create ACL
create 2 WLANs
add MAC to ACL
assign ACL to WLAN

create 2 WLAN groups
add relevant APs (antennas) to relevant WLAN group
assign relevant WLAN (ssid) to WLAN group


When you have done it it starts to make sense but initially seems overly configured. This is because the functionality has to scale for much more diverse, highly populated and complicated situations than just a few APs/clients

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Some pics from ZD might help (or not).

[With only a few devices it seems madness but when you have dozens or hundreds breaking APs and WLANs into groups gives you much greater control]

ZD gui, Configure, Access Points:

Create AP (antenna) groups
Image_ images_messages_5f91c438135b77e2479c82ea_6e2c77f8a6441e9bbea5f6d68c70cf7e_RackMultipart20171010849011gpz-5fcb384c-ba68-4a6c-ab3d-b0453b000508-789909782.jpg1507650259

then add APs to that new group

Image_ images_messages_5f91c438135b77e2479c82ea_98ea9de1e50b05645d5c1d3836b47020_RackMultipart20171010371318d52-3aae30da-9943-4515-ad16-2eea85465260-191312156.jpg1507650325

Create WLANs

 Image_ images_messages_5f91c438135b77e2479c82ea_9831df68e5b4f56f92c0b19b722df67e_RackMultipart20171010729891xh4-2abb189e-c0ba-448b-b6bc-5620456278d5-72074764.jpg1507650589

and add them to WLAN groups
Image_ images_messages_5f91c438135b77e2479c82ea_a2359203cb5e1e152315bfaecc6bd1cf_RackMultipart20171010129126nvj-3f6de6a9-4d77-4719-931a-9722dae3d083-1967034666.jpg1507650743

Image_ images_messages_5f91c438135b77e2479c82ea_335d92ef1fdda4dcd648a682da353959_RackMultipart2017101045155col5-3f00a36f-e7d1-4242-8d46-fdf062bcb5ce-1711685488.jpg1507651024

So now you can go back to the AP group and select which WLAN group it will use - greyed out box at bottom.

AP groups contain APs and use WLAN groups to know what WLANs they should broadcast.
WLAN groups contain the individual WLANS and they use ACLs to allow clients by MAC. Simple, tee, hee. I need to rest.

Hard to get your head around but it all makes sense...eventually.