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What can cause certain models of cell phones to connect quickly to the internet through a r700 or r600 and others not?

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I work in a college with approximately 10,000 students. During the semester we received some complaints that on the third floor of a block the internet was slow. I went to the building block, and with my Xiaomi Mi Lite 8 I noticed the problem: I was in Connected / No Internet. The AP's of this floor are one AP r600 and another r700.

I thought it might be the traffic. But during the holidays now, with no students, the problem persisted at least in my device. My boss went with me to the place but the internet was fast on his Motorola model phone Moto G4 Plus. The funny thing is that the first complaint came from a student with Motorola Moto G6 Plus.

Does Moto G6 Plus and Xiaomi have anything in common that could be the reason for the connection problem, the model of the cell phone?

We have the Ruckus Zone Director and the Flex Master. What is worth analyzing?


Check the DHCP server and see if there are any requests coming from your phone to it. Do you use external dhcp server or the embeded one in ZD ?

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Our DHCP is PFSense. Our version of ZD is build 10. It looks like this version has a limit of 512 MAC's, and we provide wifi to over 1000 users simultaneously  in the company. 
So far, the Connected / No Internet issue has happened in:

Xiami Mi Lite 8
Xiami Note 6 Pro
Moto G6 Plus

The same problem did not occur on mobile models:

Samsumg J2 Primme
Motorola G4 Plus

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You might try your hand at Wireshark, Grabbing a a pcap of the whole event, you might find both timings and WLAN responses which help in identifying your issue. Good Luck!

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If you want to try between Ruckus Zone Director and Flex Master then go with Ruckus Flex Master Management System, it will give better results as per my knowledge.