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Two R510 questions

New Contributor
First one is a little easier; can I run PoE to the PoE port then daisy chain to a powered router/switch like a Netgear? (I can't test this test because I haven't purchased everything yet, but I limited in my cabling and would like to put the r510 in the center of the ceiling, but from there run a cable to the back of a desk for some hardwired options if necessary.)

Second question is about my set up. I have 3 Netgear wireless routers (R8000, R7000, & R6700) one on each floor with the R8000 setup as the router the other 2 as APs. I want to improve the coverage with 3 R510s that I have and thinking of putting one in master bedroom on the 3rd floor, one the other side of the 2nd (main) floor, and probably completely replace the bottom floor (in-law suite and garage) with the r510. Do the Ruckus APs play well with the netgear (or other way around)? Does anyone have any thoughts on the setup? Our home isn't big, just a lot of connected devices in a smaller space. (whole house is IoT and lots of wireless going on, as well as a few wired devices running through (TV, Xbox, NAS , etc).


Contributor II
first question: yes.
rest: the best is if you use only Ruckus AP's. and let them work together with unleashed. 
but you allready have those netgear routers, why you want R510?

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Thumb's up Thomas.
Shawn, If all the NetGear APs act in Solo/Standalone fashion, you are needing to re-authenticate, re-dhcp, etc with every roam,
and the same would apply if you add any other brand Solo mode APs. This will not be friendly to streaming video/audio, xBox,

or IoT all over if you move around.  If just for added coverage area, maybe.
If you run Unleashed code on the Ruckus APs, they would share client connection info for roaming handoffs.  You would still
see the re-auth/re-dhcp renew if your client(s) roam between Ruckus and the NetGears.  But check and see, can the Ruckus
R510s cover all three floors, if you turned off the R6700/R7000? 
Running Unleashed on the Ruckus APs gives you Mesh capability too, if you have a garage/attic/basement that you can't wire.
Still some options you can consider...