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Unleashed without a router?

New Contributor
Small hotel, just nine rooms. Plus a small brewery. Currently, we have fibre into the building. a D-Link router pushes the signal to two Apple Airport Extreme base stations. From there it is wireless to hotel guests and brewery customers. AND IT SUCKS. So, i just ordered two of the 600 models for unleashed. Pretty excited. My question is whether i can discard the D-Link router all-together? it seems if my ISP can assign a static IP, then i do not need a router. Can't i feed the fibre to the switch directly and then connect the primary and secondary AP via the switch? 

Valued Contributor
Unfortunately, UAP doesn't yet support NAT function.

You must deploy router in your site.

Valued Contributor II
you can leave the DLINK as it is to use as router to provide DHCP function and turn off the WiFi radio.

thanks. My thought, as a layperson, is that the overall performance is only as good as its weakest link. and that the router being a residential class product was likely a weak link. Maybe my thinking is way off?

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Steve,

Currently Unleashed APs need to be deployed into a LAN that has a router/default-gateway
to the Internet (what Jeronimo said).

As you have fibre to your DLINK and it provides DHCP and a default-gateway for your clients to the Internet now,
leaving it in place (as Monnat said) is necessary.

His suggestion to turn off the Wi-Fi on the DLINK means all your wireless clients will go thru the Unleashed APs,
that can replace the Apples.  That should upgrade/improve perceived performance for your wireless clients.