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Gaming Console Redirect Errors

New Contributor
I'm having an issue. I'm running an AD Authenticated network, and for 85% of my gaming consoles on our network, everything works great. Then there are a handful of students who go to authenticate their console (Xbox One, mainly) and they are redirected to an address that is HTTP. Our authentication page is HTTPS. I can't figure out how to force the landing page to change so everyone gets redirected to the correct HTTPS page. I've been looking through the ZD (ZD3010, Version: build 1515) but can't find anything that would allow a redirect. The Xbox behaves correctly and tells the user "once you authenticate, you'll be allowed to use the network connection," but then it opens a blank white page with the wrong redirect page to authenticate.

Again, I wouldn't post this except most of the Consoles on the network have no issue, and the system sees the Xbox as a Windows 10 device (because that's it's OS). When they initially select the wireless network, the ZD allows the DHCP to assign them an IP address. It's really confusing why the landing page for these few particular Xbox One consoles seems to crap out, but for others, it works fine. 

Any ideas?