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Ruckus R310 and R510 unleashed network keep flushing to factory default

New Contributor
Hi im having R310 in one place, while R510 in another cust place both have same issue i set 1 master with static ip, gateway, dns i also put dhcp svr with range, so my slave AP can join once they are connected aft that the remaining 20 AP can join and shown in controller GUi now the problem is, when i happened to unplug the 1x master AP, then one of those slave AP will take over and become master AP.

then this master AP i wrongly plug to any switch without proper configuration, and all the config JUST gone, also this AP become "ConfigureMe xxx" SSID if i connect to this ssid and go to GUI, it will start over the config from scratch. Any idea why?

I have been spending weeks just to figure out on this part. Not really sure how unleash works. i

Esteemed Contributor II
If you see ConfigureMe.AABBCC it means that AP was not fully configured/working under Unleashed before you disconnected the Master.

Do you have a router serving as the Default Gateway for your network(s)?

no, i totally separated these unleash network from my entire building network. so the DHCP is basically inside the master AP itself. i have deployed in two customer place and faced the same issue - i.e when you plug to a switch accidentally, in which the switch had totally wrong configuration, the data/configuration inside your AP will be flushed out. may i know why its so sensitive? i have been scratching my head for this.