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How to login in Command Line Interface in Ruckus 7762 with default user name and password

New Contributor II
I have a Ruckus 7762 which was managed by a ZD. Now, it was intended to make it work on standalone. After resetting the AP when I tried to  loging the CLI, the User Name : super Password: sp-admin  could n't be accepted.  I have tride User:Admin, Super , and Passwords: 1234, admin,passsword, etc found in several forums. But,  the system couldn't Accept. Please help.

New Contributor II
Hi, It sounds like the AP has not been factory restet correctly, try the zd username and password as this will confirm if it has been reset. If this works it has not been reset, try factory resetting the AP again and the default credentials should work. User, super    Password, sp-admin