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Lutron RadioRa 2 Main Repeater Connectivity Issues

New Contributor
Hello All,

I am experiencing an issue with multicast traffic pass-through when connected wirelessly to my Ruckus system. The software I am using is RadioRa2 and we use this software to identify the Main Repeater on the network. The software sends out a multicast message to search for the MR. When I'm hard wired into the network it finds it every time. But if I'm connected wirelessly it will not even find it.

A very basic Ruckus setup. ZD1200 with 2 R500's. 

Any suggestions?

Esteemed Contributor II
Ruckus has a directed-multicast feature that will by default, convert the first 5 multicast (UDP) clients into Unicast (TCP) for better delivery.
This is usually optimal for many applications, but not all.  In your case, you probably want to let all multicast join/updates to flow unchanged.

KBA-4568 might be the most helpful to determine which WLAN you're using these clients on, and how to disable directed-multicast and
either enable or disable IGMP snooping (try disabled first, meaning let the pkts go clear to the client, don't have AP answer on their behalf).

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