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Raspi won't connect to Unleashed w/ 3 APs, WPA2/WPA3-Mixed

New Contributor III
Dear all,
a Raspberry Pi 4 / raspian won't connect to Unleashed w/ 3 APs in WPA2/WPA3-Mixed mode. It works fine when changing to WPA2 mode. Not sure about the exact reason, does anyone have an idea?
- Joachim.
PS: If the resolution of the screenshot should be too low, the red field reads
"Reason: (code 16)Invalid MIC in msg 2/4 of 4-Way Handshake
  Info: Invalid passphrase".
The passphrase, however, is correct.
Image_ images_messages_614ba0b87e1cc76661716859_41b6ee7ad9558a5535cb9dae6b27142f_Untitled-459136aa-f10f-42ee-899e-82ab343b2c0e-515118528.png


New Contributor III

OK, a few Google searches later :-): Seems to be a know problem of the RPi4s (e.g. Moderators might want to remove my post above, otherwise it can stay for documenting the problem.

- Joachim.

@joachim_posegga we will keep it so that others are also able to get info and can save time on troubleshooting it.

Thanks you!

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