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Latency (5G)

New Contributor

We are troubleshooting lag issues with wireless at one of our sites. 

We use an Ekahau Sidekick with Rukus best practices for a site survey.

The site survey site (using ruckus best practice looks great) except for lack of secondary signal in some areas

In the controller (Smart Zone 100, ver 6.0) I notice the WAPs show latency of 19ms or more.

This issue is clearly related to wifi lag as there are zero issues on wired devices. 

The WAPs are R710's and each AP has aprox 70-100 users connected at a given time. 

My question is:

1. What is considered high lag?

I have attached a screen capture of what I am referring

Image_ images_messages_614c9843104a3f0cb56ec64d_338e2f735618952d4c7bab63bec61868_Ruckus5GLag-5437341d-9a3f-4186-a4c2-a27067d9f082-559179434.jpg



Contributor III

Dear @aaron_piazza_fce7ad ,

Latency, is the measurement of average delay required to successfully deliver a Wi-Fi frame, from the screenshot I could see that high latency is observed on APs which has high client numbers. Please note the values that are set by default are medium; and the values need to set according to the deployment.

Please try to connect a client on those AP and check, to understand if there is an impact, regarding the secondary coverage; it depends on the design and AP placement; Latency isn't the cause of lack of Secondary Coverage. Please refer Devin's article below.

Hope it helps!!


Abilash PR.