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fresh setup of used ruckus system

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I am the new homeowner in Georgetown TX 78628. and 2 Ruckus WAP - R510 series unleashed - have been installed in the house by the builder. Looks like they shared the wifi password to connect to the wifi - but its nowhere to be found. I have my new wifi password but looks like it wont work as Ruckus password is different. Can you share how do I get the password?

I have 2 serial numbers and mac numbers:
1. serial number: 962072003510 and mac number: C803F52A5180
2. serial number: 511972000858 and mac number: C803F5033250


RUCKUS Team Member


You can login to the master AP and change the password for the WIFI.

Please refer to the below setup guide:

New Contributor

does not work.

this article asks me to connect to "configure-xxxxx" - but that does not show up. I see "lennar-xxxxxxxx" - for which I do not have password for.

also, I tried to reset via putting a pin in reset hole in master AP - for 20 seconds - but still I do not see "configure-xxxxx". I have tried all the above steps 5 times in past 4 to 5 hours.

please help with some details steps

RUCKUS Team Member


Looks like you are using a Ruckus Lenar setup and not an Unleshed setup.

1. Look for the Ruckus credentials (name and password), normally it's an sticker around the switch(Main Ruckus box) or in the paperwork, normally says Lennar and a password below,
2. Make sure you have a router, instead of a regular modem (router is needed for Ruckus systems to be working)
3. Make sure you have the router connected to the Switch, in any of the 12 labeled ports on it (picture attached) and lights on the ports on each side(router/switch) green where the cable is connected,
4. Make sure you have a solid green power light on Access points on the ceiling,
5. Once all the above are correct, look for the username and password (Ruckus credentials) and connect to it with any smart device. should be working.

2020-09-30 16_32_55-Window.png2020-09-30 15_28_38-Window.png2020-03-12 16_51_32-Window.png

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not helpful at all.

please read my original comments 🙂 

the password is not available on the page you shared - the lennar page. and I have tried my best to find it - no luck. hence the issue.