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One of the POE Shows red X.

New Contributor

HI There,

I am seeing that one of the Ethernet port on my Ruckus one POE shows a red X. This is causing one of the access points not to work the way it should be.

Can someone help me resolve this issue?




New Contributor

one access point says disconnected on the ruckus unleased IP address monitoring.

New Contributor

This is how i see it on the admin panel



Image 9-25-23 at 10.25 AM.jpg

RUCKUS Team Member


Thank you for your question, please help me confirm the following:

> When you say RUCKUS One POE, do you mean you have an ICX that is managed by RUCKUS One currently?

> Do you have access to the switch that is providing POE to the access points?

> You can use show inline-power to check the POE allocation and make sure it is turned on, you can find more information right below:

RUCKUS FastIron Management Configuration Guide, 09.0.10
Displaying PoE operational status
PAGE 206



On the other hand, if the issue persists, I recommend you post this question on the Unleashed forum since the access points seem to be managed by unleashed not RUCKUS One


Thank you!