RUCKUS Unleashed enables controller-less Wi-Fi architecture for small business environments with superior performance, lower costs and simplified management.
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Wi/Fi call drops on a Mesh network from cell phone ?

I have a customer with Qty 3 UNLEASHED R510's  and Qty 1 R610 in his house and when using his cell phone on Wi/fi he is getting dropped calls on his R610? Any suggestion on why he's dropping calls on his Unleashed R610 when using Wi/Fi calling?Newest...

IP Based Rate Limiting not working properly

Im not sure if im doing this right but I am trying to limit certain devices on the network using a R600 but everytime I apply the policy on the WLAN, it limits all the devices thats connected instead of just certain IP's. Under IP based User Defined...

mkayze by New Contributor
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Sporadic reboots R610 Unleashed - Help Please!

Background:-Have three R610's (latest unleashed firmware, all with wired connections. One is a master and the other two are adopted by this master (no mesh).-Connect with full power using Ruckus power Bricks.-All have been assigned st...

Ruckus R600. Once configured can it run wireless ?

Hi, I have a collegue who wants to buy and setup a mesh system using unleashed on a set of R600's. However they cannot run the wire to the AP in its final position.  Can they setup both units wired then leave the master wired and have the AP power...