RUCKUS Unleashed enables controller-less Wi-Fi architecture for small business environments with superior performance, lower costs and simplified management.
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Planning hardware for a new Ruckus Wifi Home Setup

I am trying to figure out the hardware needed for my home setup. Please help. My initial understanding was: ISP to home > ends in a router [so I need a router, may be use a old wifi home router, turn off the wifi, to get DHCP for the clients] > Rout...

david_m by New Contributor II
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How can can restore R310 AP into standalone AP

Dear Sir,   After i configure R310 AP to unleashed network. I now need it to restore the AP to individual so i can joint it in Ruckus Zone Director 1200 controller, I have put it on isolated network but it still on unleashed network our firmware is ...

home extending

I wanted to increase the wireless capability to the back of the house. At the front I have a r310. But, 20m away and through the house the connection dwindles. So, I ran a 10m ethernet cable to a ZF 7363. It works. However, there are issues I don’t k...

Set up Ruckus

Hi, I just bought a house from Lenar and unable to set Ruckus on my phone, can you please send some instructions on how to set it up on my phone? I tried to download the app and set it up on my phone but unable to do it. Thank you

R320, showing recover.me after deployment.

I configure 3x R320 individually via LAN onto my PC and set a static IP on each. After I deploy and plug into the office network the CTL is blinking meaning unable to find host. The SSID shown is recover.me-XXXX, i tried connecting to it but prompt m...

tommy_yap by New Contributor
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