RUCKUS Unleashed enables controller-less Wi-Fi architecture for small business environments with superior performance, lower costs and simplified management.
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Moving from ZD to Unleashed for existing network

I have a wlan of APs using ZoneDirector. Assuming I would need to change the firmware for each AP, what would be the simplest method of doing that? Is there a shortcut or would it involve physically accessing each AP to perform a "reset"?Thank you fo...

kkb1412 by New Contributor
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My workplace has been using ZD1200 with mostly R510 and a few T310 sprinkled in. We are considering going to Unleashed. Here are a couple of questions that I have...1. Will the different models work together in an Unleashed environment?2. What would ...

kkb1412 by New Contributor
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No power to icx after power outage

Just lost power for the umpteenth time and power will not restore to the icx switch. Keep doing power cycles with no success. It's getting worse with each outage.

Content filtering

I would like to have different filtering on different SSID's is this possible with the unleashed software on an R710?Thanks in advance.

twistsd by New Contributor
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R710 Same VLAN for WLAN and Eth2?

We have a R710 Access point and I need to know if this type of configuration is possible.The R710 has two ethernet ports, one with PoE (eth1) and a second port (eth2).The WLAN is on a guest VLAN to provide Internet access to guests outside our depart...

Sherwood by New Contributor
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