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When internet goes down, so does all Ruckus Unleashed WAPs. How do I disable this anti-feature?

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I have a small network of r650 Unleashed WAPs and when the site internet goes down, the WAPs disable their wireless radios after a short period.

This seems to be some kind of anti-feature and I suspect it's enabled by default. How do I disable this?

This might be desirable in public environments but in a business environment where there are LAN resources (file shares for example), this is harmful and undesirable.

I have a clue that this might be related to the CLI "show internet-check" and "no internet-check" commands, but I don't see anything in the http GUI nor in the PDF User Guide after extensive searching.



Not sure if this is the case for you, but this only seemed to happen to me when I had a Ruckus Mesh enabled. Once I disabled mesh, which required a reboot if I remember correctly, and had all AP connected via Ethernet backhaul it has not happened since then when the internet connection goes down.  

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We are not using Mesh for the backhaul.

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It appears the 'internet-check' function relates to the Unleashed netowork dashboard, where various services are checked by Unleashed and reported to the user - in this case a green 'tick' in the 'Internet' box.  If this feature is disabled in CLI then the 'Internet' box will not appear in the GUI.

I'm struggling to find other settings which force a system reboot if internet connectivity is down.

Do your Unleashed APs have static IP addresses? They will reboot if they lose connectivity with the Unleashed Master AP if this loses it's IP address.

Hope that helps,

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I have disabled the internet-check via the ssh CLI. There is currently no way to disable internet-check from the web interface, and it's only briefly mentioned in the user guide.

All of these WAPs are DHCP. They do not lose access to the DHCP server when the internet goes down and there's no other reason which I can think of which would take the master AP down when our ISP goes down.

I will do some testing in then next day or two after-hours to simulate an internet outage and see how they behave now that I've made the internet-check change.