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IP migration on a smart redundancy of 2 x ZD 1200

New Contributor II

Hi everyone,

I am new to ruckus equipements, but not in wireless 🙂

I have 2 ZD 1200 in cluster (smart redundancy) with 12 AP's connected. 

The primary controller has 1 IP address (let's say, the second has another one (let's say and there is a management IP (let's say AP's have IP addresses from to .151.

Our customer requested to migrate the IP addresses of the 2 controllers and 12 AP's.

I was wondering, do i have to break the cluster to do that ? Or can I change the IP address while the cluster is still built ? 

If someone has experience on it, it would really be appreciated 🙂

Thank you.



Valued Contributor

Hi Alexis,

The ZoneDirector network uses layers 2 and 3 for discovery and controller<>AP communication.

Moving the controllers to new IP addresses will temporarily break the cluster but you will lose connectivity with all your APs at some point during the address migration anyway. Once the controllers are both on the same subnet and the cluster IPs are configured, they will re-join with each other.

It is concievable to move the secondary controller to the new IP first, so when you move APs over to the new IP range, they will have a controller to communicate with.

There is a 3rd-party tool for mass AP changes which may be of use, called Cross-Breeder.  You can download it here:

Please note this tool is not supported by Ruckus.

I hope that helps,

Hello Darrel,

Thank you very much for your answer, and sorry for the delay in my response.

The intervention has been postponed many times because of COVID.

It will happen next week.

My goal was, as you said, to move the controllers to new IP addresses and it should temporarily break the cluster (at this time, it's not a problem to lose AP's because we scheduled  maintenance window).

Once the controllers are both on the same subnet and the cluster IPs are configured, they will re-join with each other. For this configuration, do I just need to configure the 2 new IP address (one on each controller) and the management IP address + ensure to have the same shared secret and enable smart redundancy ?

Also, my AP's have a static IP address right now. I would like to change them to the new range without connecting over console on them. Is it possible ? Or should I go for a DHCP scope to allow AP's to get a dynamic IP and re-join the controllers ?

Thank you.

Hi Alexis,

Yes, what you've outlined sounds correct.

You will need to point all your Access Points at the new controller IPs once the cluster is re-built - see note on DHCP option 43 below or use CrossBreeder as previously mentioned.

I would recommend changing the AP configuration on the SmartZone controller from static to DHCP for your APs. This way the controller will push the new configuration.  If you enable the DHCP server with the required scope and it's on the appriopriate VLAN, then all should be good.

It is possible to implement DHCP option 43 to point the APs at the new controller IP address.

Hope that helps,

Hello Darrel,

Everything went smoothly, without any issue.

Thank you very much for your support on this ! Really appreciated.

Best regards,