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WIFI LANs drop with Internet?

New Contributor III

Found this post about Ruckus Internet checks impacting the local WIFI networks.  Yet I don't fully understand what's up.

What default behavior is set to stop serving WIFI networks if Internet check fails?  We recent changed ISPs and have been given lemon modems crashing Internet and have just recently discovered this odd behavior.

In that previous post it was mentioned Internet + DNS servers + gateway IP checks.

When our Internet outages have been occurring the Ruckus Unleashed gateway IP + local DNS server are still online.  So its just Internet check that fails.

What needs to be done so the Ruckus behaves itself so that WIFI LANs remains online?  Can I disable all 3 checks?

Summary of setup

3x R710s Ruckus unleashed

WAPs on management on native vlan.  WIFIs on configured on separate vlans.

Thank you.






3x R710s.  3 separate buildings in close proximity.  AP per building.  Coverage overlaps.  3 Separate switches each building connecting each AP .  2 APs power via Ruckus injector.  1 powered via POE switch.

3 SSIDS / VLANS.  Only 1 Guest SSID broadcasts beacon.

Unleashed MGT IP + 3 APs IP on native vlan 1 management network. 

Yes I do believe the SSIDs remain online / UP but all local traffic flow stops.  I typically RDP my laptop into a management server via WIFI.  During onsite visits from ISP bringing down DOCSIS cable modem the RDP will just drop.  I'll then try laptop disconnect / re-connect hidden SSID will not successfully renew via DHCP servers reservation as no local traffic flowing. 

I'm seeing similar behavior like this user.

Except the gateway IP which is the vlan 1 interface of L3 switch is always up and accessible when this happens.  So its not the gateway check?  The DNS servers are Microsoft domain controllers.  Also online when happens.  So its not DNS check?  I've already disabled Internet check via CLI.  He also mentioned power cycle.  I’m not seeing reboot.

Nothing is happening to switchports trunks that uplink APs.

Center building with master AP + Internet

Master AP --> L3 Switch --> Firewall --> Spectrum Router --> Spectrum Cable Modem

L3 Switch has /24 vlans.  Dedicated /29 uplink L3 switch to Firewall.

Microsoft DNS unencrypted internal queries.  External queries forwards to firewall.  Firewall queries google DNS servers via TLS 853.

Spectrum unplugging power / coax from cable modem and WIFI down.  All other equipment online.  Not a single network interface goes down of client’s equipment except for Spectrum’s cable modem to Spectrum router WAN interface.  This has no relevance to client’s firewall or L3 switch or master AP.  Or the other 2 building APs.

Updated to but don’t believe this is a bug…it’s a strange design decision of unleashed.

I have not tried ssh into master AP when this happens as pre-occupied with Spectrum onsite.  I can find an opportunity to cut Internet when onsite for "get wlanlist" but I’m convinced it’s a weird unleashed “check” issue. 

Thank you.

New Contributor III

My replies seem to be missing.  I came here to modify my previous reply.  But it was missing.  So posted a new one.  It also does not appear...does this?