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Unsuccessfully creating mesh network

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Let me start by saying I'm not well versed in networking. I know the basics. I bought two Ruckus R710 units. I want to create a mesh network. I've watched the youtube tutorials. It's all very straight forward. I'm running into the same problem no matter what I try. I configure one AP with a static and assign an SSID. Without enabling mesh the unit works just fine. When I enable mesh, the unit reboots, then broadcasts a SSID. I am unable to acces the web gui via assigned IP or default IP. I just want to create a mesh network with bot R710s, using one AP as the master, but once I enable mesh I have to restore to default to gain access again to try it again. What am I missing???


I would like to use mesh now. One master AP and a second AP. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I want it to be an isolated network; I do not want to connect to the internet. No WLAN configurations. Just LAN connection. I have several devices for work with static IP assigned. 

My isolated network with one R710 AP works perfectly. But I would like to extend the reach of this network by setting up a mesh network with a second AP.

This is a step-by-step of how I'm setting up the Master AP with the setup wizard:

Unleashed version 200.9

Typical Install, next -

Name Ruckus-Unleashed and enable Mesh, next -

Manual IP address of, Netmask, Gateway, Primary DNS Server, next -

Name (ESSID): Ruckus-AP, WPA2 Password: #########, next -

Admin Username: admin, *Password: #########, *Confirm Password: #########, next -

Review the information below and click Finish to configure, Finish -

Unleashed will restart after you click OK, this will take a few minutes. Do you want to continue?, Yes -

Configuring system settings & rebooting. It may take a few minutes.

After several minutes the R710 PWR LED is solid green, the CTL and AIR LEDs flash green, 2.4G and 5G LEDs are off.

The Ruckus-AP SSID never appears. Recover.Me-102290 SSID is available, so I select that.

I am not prompted to enter the serial number as a password but I am connected.

I enter in the URL but it times out. It does not open the Web GUI.

I have to factory reset the R710 and try again.

This is what's happening. Hopefully you can help.

Community Admin
Community Admin

Do you mean to say none of the APs are connected to the wired network? If yes, this will not work.

Mesh will only work when there is at least one AP connected to wired network (this AP is called root AP). Other APs can connect to this root AP if they are close enough to it's coverage area.

Below is the example topology in which mesh will work.

Image_ images_messages_5ff9fed7fa2b7165ca6c5a06_a681748d186723860c110b96a764c5cf_Capture-d3fcfd0b-0c55-4463-afbf-b32de7ed9982-1829665601.PNG

If you don't want internet access, you may achieve it by not routing the IP subnet's traffic from the gateway, to the internet (a VLAN interface with no routing to the internet) or use ACLs on WLAN config to pass just DHCP traffic.

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