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Unleashed management vLan

New Contributor II

Hallo All,

I'm managing 9 vlans environment. each vlan represents wLan and all works like a charm.

only issue is when i'm trying to access IT wLan on a management vLan (management vLan lists all network appliances e.i. AP’s, Firewall, switches Etc), i cant get a DHCP lease. and i know why. its because i gave the master AP an IP address (on the management segment vLan) on the default unleashed vLan.

on all switches i could change management vLan and on unleashed i cant find how to change the management vLan.

when i'm trying to change the management vLan i get a message i cant change the IP address for its the same subnet as defined on the master’s IP add.

please help.





Contributor II

You don’t need to set the VLAN on the AP - just set the native VLAN for the trunk on the switch end to the management VLAN. 

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this is how i did it for all the AP’s (not just the master). 

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Untagged on the management vLan and Tagged on all other vLans

Ok, then I’m not quite sure what you’re asking to do. Sounds like it’s not the VLAN you’re trying to change but an IP?