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SNMP Problem

New Contributor
i deployed two r600 and eight r500 APs (unleashed) in office and try to connect them in my snmp server ,only master AP connect with snmp server rest of all showing disconnected ,what was the reason further it possible to connect alll AP's with SNMP server or not?

Esteemed Contributor II
The current 200.2 Unleashed provides SNMP only to the Master AP or Unleashed network's Management Interface (recommended),
for up to 4 trap receivers.

Unleashed Online help for directions on SNMP setup can be found here:

after you enable SNMP traps:

I don't have an SNMP server monitoring my little lab, but you should see at least connected/disconnected status for all APs.

I think he was refering to snmp monitoring of stats (not snmp traps, which are like a limited version of remote syslog).  we do still need per AP snmp data for unleashed FW (like we currently have on StandAlone FW, ZD and vSZ  FWs)  thanks

New Contributor

Is per AP SNMP data still not available?