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Unable To Sign Into Rucked Unleashed App

New Contributor

I'm unable to sign into the Rucked Unleashed App   When utilizing the Forgot Password option it gives me the message "You are not connected to Unleashed Network.  Go to Settings"  When in Settings, everything looks as if it is set properly.  Any suggestions on what to do or check?  Thanks


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi All,

We have the Unleashed releases yesterday and it has the fix for the IOS Security DNS issue.
However, the Mobile app release got delayed, I will keep you posted once I get an ETA on this.

Once the Mobile app is releases, please upgrade the AP and mobile app to fix the issue.

Thank you Sanjay for being on top of things!!

Please, keep us posted after the mobile app will be released.

Hi All,

The mobile app new version has been delayed due to some improvements. I do not have an ETA yet but we are working on this on priority. I will keep the thread updated once I have an update.

New Contributor II

Is there any eta yet in the app update?  We were told

July 1st but then were told we would now need to wait for the app update.  I don’t see any updates in the app store

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @A1987 
The ETA for mobile app is planned for July 21st for now. I will keep you posted if there is any changes.