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SpeedFlex Broken with Unleashed?

New Contributor

Hi, I manage several Ruckus networks both on ZD and Unleashed, but going to the simplest example, an Unleashed network at my house with ... for this example ... just two APs ... an R750 and an H550.  In running SpeedFlex, enabled through the Unleashed admin, I get 900+ Mbits down ... as expected.  But, I get as little as 1 Mbits (yes, 1) up.

This was baffling to me as if the performance was truly that bad, we'd see all kinds of issues in real use. (Yes, I made sure that I was on the closest access point, tested multiple times, etc...)

So, I set up Open Speed Test on my Synology to test bandwidth on the LAN -- a more real world test, in my mind as it tested not just the Wi-Fi, but the LAN as well.  The results ... close to 1 Gbps both up and down.

It appears to me that SpeedFlex, at least in regards to Unleashed ... is just broken. Anyone else experiencing the same thing?


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @neil_ticktin_io 

I haven't seen the upload showing just 1 Mbps so far. Can you share the screen shot for reference?

Can you help me with the below details:
1. Have you tested on both R750 and H550 AP?
2. Which device did you tried on? Android or iOS?
3. Which version the AP is running on?

With these details, let me check this in lab as well.

Hi @sanjay_kumar 

This should give you all you need. Let me know if you have questions. All tests were done with me standing directly in front of the APs, about 4-5 feet away ... and in both cases, the APs were a little above my head (not that that matters, as I've seen the same regardless of the position, device, or OS).


Neil Ruckus SpeedFlex Issues.png

I should add that each SpeedFlex test was done on the IP for the AP to make sure they wouldn't get crossed up. Furthermore, given where the two APs are, and what's between them, they wouldn't have had those kinds of download speeds if they weren't on the right one.

In my mind the OpenSpeedTest from the Synology on the LAN is far far more real world and useful. The SpeedFlex test just gives me the ability to easily test the connectivity to a specific AP -- not to mention, I don't always have a Synology or other server right there to make it easy to setup.

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @neil_ticktin_io 
Thank you for the complete details, let me check on this further.
Have you also noticed the same issue before upgrading to