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Bonjour Fencing

New Contributor
We're attempting to enable Bonjour Fencing via the CLI but not seeing the expected results.

Case: We have two Unleashed APs at a physical building but are separated. One of those APs has three Apple TVs wirelessly connected it. The other AP does not have any Apple TV.

Goal: Limit the Bonjour broadcast to only the single AP even though the SSID is broadcast between both APs.

Action Taken: Enabled Bonjour Fence & Rebooted APs but still seeing services broadcast

Details: Created Fence. Then created rule. Source type set to "Wireless." Added _airplay._tcp. as service. Range set to "Same AP."

Switch interfaces are in trunk mode. No bonjour gateway configured since same SSID & subnet.

What are we missing?

New Contributor

Did you ever set this up ?