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Ideal unleashed configuration for 3 piece R710 access point for one day event

New Contributor III

I need to configure 3 piece of R710 access point for a one day outdoor meeting event for estimate 800 or 900 people at outdoor. There is no rf pollution in the environment, the meeting area is outside the city and far from any settlement and wireless broadcast will be unencrypted. I will mount the access points to the 3 tower and the form is scalene triangle. Please advice me setup tip of the unleased setup. Should I edit each access point radio channels individual? And how can limit the user of the each access point client? Or more experienced ideas?


RUCKUS Team Member

Hello @ali_sureyya_uz 

Please refer the below KB article to convert the standalone/SZ/ZD managed AP to the unleashed setup.

For R710 APs,  Maximum Users per AP: 512 - Max user per Radio: Up to 256 with TKIP and 256 with AES.

To configure maximum client per AP,  please go to the Unleashed Web UI>>Access Point>>Select the System Default group>>Edit>>Other>>Max Client