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Ruckus Unleashed Cost + Setup

New Contributor
Hi All,

Sorry if this is a stupid question but is Ruckus unleashed free? I have a ZD1200 with a valid subscription however I want to move them to Unleashed. Is it a simple process of resetting one of the AP's upgrading the firmware and then just going through the unleashed setup.

Thanks in advance,

Yes, from your perspective Unleashed is free.

Just like you said, reset each AP (and disconnect your ZD), then load the Unleashed firmware and reboot. Configure your first Unleashed AP using the setup wizard or mobile app, then connect the other APs (running the same Unleashed firmware). 

Then you're done! 

New Contributor
Thanks for that Jay.

New Contributor III
BEFORE YOU TRY TO DO THIS, Check to insure that your Access Points are currently supported by the UNLEASHED Firmware.  Many AP's were dropped from support with the last Firmware release including the R500, R600 and MANY others.  Read the compatibility list based on the Unleashed Firmware you wish to run.  Unfortunately, Ruckus kind of hung a lot of us out to dry with this last firmware release so we are forced to pretty much stay where we are and that is the end of the road for us.  Makes no sense to me, but what do I know...

New Contributor III
Why would you want to move from a ZD to Unleashed?

If the APs are supported and firmware is good... I wouldn't make that change.