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[Ruckus R310] AP firmware update / reboot loop

New Contributor

Posting here because i'm facing a weird situation and i'm looking for advices as i'm dicovering ruckus products:

i have several R310 AP (in unleashed-managed mode) that seem to keep trying to update their firmware and reboot (while some other don't have any issue).
I notice the AP firmware was somehow in a different version from the "manager" vs, even if they seem to be configure to don't have any auto upgrade and are using the manager as Control File Server.

Between reboot i can connect in SSH on it but have a "limited" access, the prompt looks like that
And removing the AP from the web interface don't do much as it, somehow, automatically "reconnect" to the manager and reappear in the web interface.

My idea would be to "downgrade" the AP firmware to match the manager's one but as it keep rebooting i can't do it from the web int => only manual update in CLI possible, right?

What shoud i do? Replacing the unleashed firmware with a standalone one then trying to flash the AP to match the manager's firmware?

NB: the "FW Control Control File" field from "fw show" is supposed to be the filename location of the firmware used on the Control File Server (which is configure with FTP)?

Sorry if i'm not clear enough, i don't know the product enough atm.

NB2: is it just me or the "pre" tag is bugged? Had to edit it from the HTML section to remove 2 blank ones

Anyway, thanks in advance for your answer.


Esteemed Contributor II
Yes, if you can connect to the misbehaving AP directly with a PC, you can update it's firmware to the same Unleashed version, which should help it to be recognized.

New Contributor
Hello Michael,

Thanks four your reply.
Unfortunatelly, i can only connect myself remotely and as the AP frequently reboot, a firmware upgrade is risky: if it reboots during the upgrade we'll have to change the AP nah?

About the upgrade itself, does this procedure can be followed:
even if it's an unleashed and not a standalone AP?


Esteemed Contributor II
No, that was old Solo AP upgrade procedure.

Someone local to the AP will need to do a PC-AP connection (off network if you can) to update the firmware.

I thought you have APs working other Unleashed on a version higher now though, right?

If the AP having the problem getting upgraded to the new Unleashed is running Unleashed, use this article: