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Master / Standby Failover Design within SmartMesh Network

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i am planning a SmartMesh Network with Ruckus Unleased.
I have two wired APs and seven non-wired APs (big Parking Area without Cabling).

The wired APs will be the Root-APs.

My questions:
- How many Hops are supported with SmartMesh within an Unleased Network? There are some APs who will need to connect over another AP to the Root-AP (so i have two Hops). In Case one Root-AP is going down i have some APs who will need an additional Hop.
- Is it possible to fix the Master/Standby Role to an AP. Master and Standby should be distributed over the two Root-APs and should not be on a Mesh-AP.
- I will test this Setup first in a smaller Config. So the Root-AP will be a T300 first and it will get the Master. After testing the Root-AP will be a T301S. So i have to move the Master-Role to this one. Is this possible without completly recreating the Unleased Network? If yes, how?


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I think i was able to answer some of my questions by myself.
The amount of hops i need should not be a Problem. There is no Limit.
Mesh APs will not be able to be a Master or Standby. So this Roles will be distributed over my Root-APs which is fine.

Moving Master questions still open.
Additionally i have two other questions:
- Can an Unleased Network be created without DHCP Server?
- When did a Mesh-AP change his Route to the Root-AP? Only if an AP on this Route fails or also if there it detects (online) a more efficient Route (more Bandwidth, less interference)?

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I don't know about smart mesh in unleashed but I will provide general comments about smart mesh from ZD background:

Smart mesh will pick most optimal route it is not permanent but flexible.

Although no limit on hops in mesh please consider the reduction in available throughput after each hop so depending on your requirements you may have a max hop limit based on that.

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We recommend no more then 4 hops. each hop decreases the bandwidth by half. 

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It's also worth noting that eMesh AP topologies (e.g. tying 2 or more mesh AP's together by wired connection as an island) can reduce the bandwidth hit of multi-hop networks.

The outdoor segment of my network is a R500 in a garage + T300 serving the backyard in eMesh arrangement, because the T300 alone and the half bandwidth hit brought me below my required throughput.