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AP Certificate Refresh

New Contributor II

My question is regarding the AP Certificate Refresh which is required prior to November 2016.

I have a 100's of Zonedirector and Virtual Smart Zone installations out in the field  and I just wanted to confirm what exactly is going to be affected?

As I understand the VSZ's will start to see warnings on the dashboard that the Certificate requires renewing?

But I'm more puzzled about the physical controllers...  I have many ZD1100, ZD1200 and ZD3000 in the field and need to plan now to avoid disruption.

Most of the ZD1200's are on firmware 9.13 or below with the ZD3000's on 9.9 or 9.8.

Do I therefore need to update the certificate's on the physical controllers?


Contributor III
There is an announcement on the support portal but minimal to no issue with ZD platforms until 10.x is released so its more about being aware before upgrade.

With regards to SZ platform the AP will be unable to maintain a session to the controller if the cert is out of date. This will render the AP useless. If you have the latest version of firmware installed then there is a new form for AP cert checks and the SZ will list all the APs that are connected to the SZ that require a cert update.

The form is also present in latest versions of ZD firmware so you certainly should see it in the ZD1200 GUI

New Contributor II
Thanks for the reply Robert - So just to confirm all ZD's running 9.x.x will be ok? and its only affecting firmware 10.x.x?

Contributor III
AFAIK on ZD you should not incurr any operational issues in any realese up to and including 9.13 even after November cert expiry. However SZ platform is different matter and needs to be addressed ASAP

Contributor II
I have a 1100 ZD deployed on 9.10 that I won't have access to until December. Am I affected?