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Master / Standby Failover Design within SmartMesh Network

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i am planning a SmartMesh Network with Ruckus Unleased.
I have two wired APs and seven non-wired APs (big Parking Area without Cabling).

The wired APs will be the Root-APs.

My questions:
- How many Hops are supported with SmartMesh within an Unleased Network? There are some APs who will need to connect over another AP to the Root-AP (so i have two Hops). In Case one Root-AP is going down i have some APs who will need an additional Hop.
- Is it possible to fix the Master/Standby Role to an AP. Master and Standby should be distributed over the two Root-APs and should not be on a Mesh-AP.
- I will test this Setup first in a smaller Config. So the Root-AP will be a T300 first and it will get the Master. After testing the Root-AP will be a T301S. So i have to move the Master-Role to this one. Is this possible without completly recreating the Unleased Network? If yes, how?


Kind Regards


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Thanks for your Answers.
I think the SmartMesh Questions are answered.
If someone can write something regarding the other questions, please post.

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- Can an Unleased Network be created without DHCP Server? No, not supported.

The route is changed with increased bandwidth, doesn't happen often.