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ICX 7150 + r510 help!

New Contributor III

Bought a home with an ICX 7150 and 3 R510s. I forget what I did but I was able to get the APs on ruckus unleashed and set up a SSID. I bought another r510(4th AP) for a dead spot and plugged it into the ICX 7150. I opened up ruckus unleashed and do not see the 4th AP. The ICX 7150 is also not on the unleashed GUI(It was never on unleashed).

How do I configure the ICX 7150 to show up on unleashed(I am suppose to console into the switch? But I am not sure how to do it on a mac)? How do I configure the 4th AP to show up on unleashed to be set up(does the switch need to be added before this step)?

I am running ATT fiber so the switch is plugged into the ATT modem/router. I am also using MAC OS.



Hi Steven,

Plug any device to same network as the AP and then run any IP scanner application, findout the AP's MAC address in scan results and check what IP it got.

Once upgrade is done, you will see setup wizard and system will show you easy to follow options to configure Unleashed. Once done, you will get the Unleashed GUI where you can configure additional options like new WLANs, AP groups, etc.

Syamantak Omer
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