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Convert r500 to unleashed

New Contributor II
Hi, I purchased two r500 AP's and I'd like to convert them to unleashed. However, I can't login to the AP. It keeps saying webpage not available. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

New Contributor II
I got in. I couldn't get in by direct connection to a computer, so i connected it to the router, found out what address it was assigned (it was assigned, and went from there. I got the unleashed firmware installed and up and running!

It says that the AP needs to be connected to the local network in the QSG:

Image_ images_messages_5f91c473135b77e247a971d9_49b011f92c7d6af5065846a7db2a1100_RackMultipart2015110914383gcmw-f3862baa-877f-4a7e-ada5-11236b8271e0-1009381675.png1447060885
Here is the link to the QSG:

Good Luck!

Esteemed Contributor II
Unless you flash the AP directly connected with factory default (, the local DHCP will assign your Unleashed APs an address.

That's why they advertise the Configure.ME-XXYYZZ SSID.  Once the first AP is configured as Unleashed Master AP, it can be connected
to the local network, whether you configured it in standalone, or network-connected state.  After configuration, look for the initial SSID that
you configured during the Startup Wizard, and use the '' administration URL for access.

All additional Unleashed APs will join the Master AP controller.

New Contributor
hi i get a md5 checksum failure after 18% upgrade when converting / flashing a std r500 to unleashed via local tftp

New Contributor
problem solved. my kid was playing with his remote on the 2,4ghz band...causing interference. switched to 5ghz band and it worked fine.