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Announcement: Ruckus Unleashed 802.11ac controller-less wireless network

Esteemed Contributor II
Ruckus Wireless today announces release of a New product line, Ruckus Unleashed. 
Custom designed for small to medium sized businesses, Unleashed provides a controller-less
AP network of up to 25 APs, with simple setup and administration thru a new WebUI.

With initial support for R500 / R600 802.11ac model APs, Ruckus has automated firmware
upgrades and connectivity, and provides many of the same advanced features of a
ZoneDirector managed wireless network including Guest Access, WiSPr/HotSpot, Zero-IT,
Dynamic PSK, L2-L4 Access lists, client isolation, Application recognition and control,
and RF management (BeamFlex, Client load-balancing, Background Scanning, Band
balancing, ChannelFly).

Visit the Ruckus Unleashed product page, which contains links to Training Videos,
Online Help user guide, Release Notes, AP firmware, and Quick Start Guides.

Use this Forum to discuss our Ruckus Unleashed product features/functions and share advice on troubleshooting and ways to improve.


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You CAN factory default a ZoneFlex AP (R500/R600 presently), and load the Unleashed image, and the AP will NO LONGER recognize/utilize DHCP
option 43 or DNS pointers to ZoneDirector or SmartZone controllers, but will automatically look for an Internet connection to be sure it has the latest Unleashed firmware, then for an existing Master AP on the LAN (L2 only).  If found, the AP connects.  If it's the second Unleashed AP, it takes Standby Master AP role, otherwise after a MasterAP and Standby Master AP are chosen, they are called
Member APs.

We've posted the Release Notes, Quick Start Guides, Online Help user guide, Videos for you who don't like reading (See Video #2, a 6 1/2 minute Installing Unleashed/Master AP), and KBA-5106 with pointers to these on our Support site.

We hope that an autonomous R500/R600 wireless network can provide a good platform for most small and medium sized businesses, who can use the many WLAN advanced features mentioned above, within the scope of 25 or less APs deployed.

Not to toot our own horn, but a rather well respected WiFi Guru just gave us a big thumb's up.

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I just purchased an unleashed R600 for my home and cannot seem to get it to work. My current AP is an older Apple Airport Extreme that had this physical hookup

Cable Modem<---->Airport Extreme<---->Netgear switch

The Airport Extreme acted as the DHCP server on my home network. I currently have the Ruckus plugged into my Netgear switch and the cable modem plugged into my Netgear switch. When I work my way through the Ruckus wizard I choose static IP for the R600 since I want it to now be my DHCP server for the network. Once configured and I join my newly created network, I get an IP address on my MacBook Pro from the Ruckus but no internet connectivity.

I have been working on this for several hours with a few resets on the R600 in between with no luck. Any idea what the problem is?

I purchased the R600 after just deciding to go with a large Ruckus install of 400 R710s on campus where I work.

Please use the Unleashed Forums group to ask/answer questions about Unleashed APs. 

To your issue, how did the AirPort Extreme provide DHCP?  Do you get one IP from your ISP, thru the Cable Modem, and then did NAT to all devices on the Netgear switch?

If so, you still need some type of NAT capable DHCP router to give your Unleashed APs an IP address and default gateway to the Internet.

A Ruckus AP in Standalone mode (100.x firmware) can perform this function if the AirPort was, else keep the AirPort, only for NAT/DHCP purposes.