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Can I put a 550 on a network of 510s

New Contributor II

I was given a new 550 but the network we have consists of all 510s, will the 550 work with these?


Valued Contributor

Hi Joseph,

There's certainly no issues with mixing R550 and R510 APs in a network, in principle.

What network management are you using, as the new R550 AP might require an update to your software.  The good news is that all Ruckus network management platforms can simultaneously support R550 an R510 on the same version of software code.

I hope that helps,

@darrel_rhodes  Thanks for this, I am using Ruckus. In theory I can connect the 550 and setup via unleashed?

@joseph_la_valle Thanks for confirming you are using our (Ruckus) Unleashed management platform. 

Before adding the R550 AP into the network, I would recommend upgrading to the latest version of Unleashed, currently this is 200.11, as this will ensure support for the R550 AP model.

Here is a link on how to perform the software update:


@darrel_rhodes Thanks so much, I will do that, greatly appreciate your help!